Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh This is Telling

German Chancellor Merckle rescinds the don't touch me rule:

Friday, July 25, 2008

I heart Photoshop Disasters

I love this one.

Vista Magazine (i.e., windows vi$ta) puts a photo:

  1. On an old Mac Powerbook
  2. With a weird, trapezoidal screen
  3. And caught by Commenters, a screen shot of an old Open Office site, an Open Source replacement for Micro$oft Office

Monday, July 21, 2008

More on China "Greening up" the Olympics

Visited this here. More on Slashdot here:

"With the Olympics due to start in less than three weeks, Beijing is cranking up antipollution measures by yanking cars off the roads, expanding mass transit and staggering work hours in a bid to meet its pledge of a "green" Olympics. Beijing has gone on a spending spree, relocating factories, seeding clouds, retiring old vehicles, planting millions of trees and halting building construction amid concerns that athletes and visitors could suffer breathing problems. For the next two months, owners of 3.3 million private cars can drive only on alternate days in China's capital, based on whether the last digit of their license plates is even or odd."

Steve Jobs not long for this world?

There have been rumors that Steve Jobs, who had a bout with a treatable form of pancreatic cancer - usually terminal but in Job's case not - may have relapsed and had the pancreatic cancer come out of remission. A good article about Apple is here. Those who know me know I love Apple products though I have had bad luck with their later lines of hardware (my Mac Pro had an out-of-warranty issue recently).

Template Change

Thought I would change up the template. Too lazy to customize one of the default templates that Blogger provides. Let me know if there are issues, either technical or aesthetic.

The surge is working? NOT!

Is this so surprising:

Despite all the talk about Iraq being "calm," I'd like to point out that the month just before the last visit Barack Obama made to Iraq (he went in January, 2006), there were 537 civilian and ISF Iraqi casualties. In June of this year, 2008, there were 554 according to AP. These are official statistics gathered passively that probably only capture about 10 percent of the true toll.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

This needs to be shouted from the rooftops

As usual, Juan Cole tells the story that no one reports on anymore:

By now, summer of 2008, excess deaths from violence in Iraq since March of 2003 must be at least a million. This conclusion can be reached more than one way. There is not much controversy about it in the scientific community.
Really, how do we sleep at night?