Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do I sound angry?

I am really angry. And it is things like this that really get me going.

Mark Thoma is an economist and one of the best out there. And the article linked to above pisses me off. Really, Obama, this is your Waterloo. It's not the stupid fucking republican assholes. Really, all of them are irrelevant in their crapulence. After 8 years of "GW", Obama turns out to not be the Democrat that was needed for the job. In fact, I cannot think of any that would be the Democrat for the job. Bunch of spineless ignorami.

And Tim Geithner, where the fuck are you? You are bought and sold, that's where. Fuck you and the golden parachute you will get when your ass is canned or Obama is run out on the rails. As Thoma remarks, this is your baby now. I hope you choke on it.

Damn. Now I am depressed. Pikers.

*DEEP SIGH* Obama, you have nary a year to wake up and smell reality. Clear the mushy, middle of the road bullshit out from between your ears and DO something.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Geek review of Palin's book

Is here. An excerpt:

To my chagrin it didn't start out well. I thought well at some point this has to get better. But guess what it doesn't! There's nothing at all about dex rolls, dps builds, searching for traps, sneak attacks, assassins, +4 daggers or anything!


Monday, November 16, 2009

What Gin and Tacos said

The Intertubes are filled with sites that have not had my eyeballs grace its home page. So I love it when I come across a site (a blog no less) that is interesting and funny while also being thoughtful.

Gin and Tacos is my new favorite friend. I am especially enamored with his posts on Ayn Rand whose banality and utter horseshit shoveling deserves all the epitaphs one can muster. Rand's writing makes me want to rip my cerebral cortex out and embrace the bliss of only having autonomic nervous system function. So I put Atlas Shrugged down, into a fire, after having two German Shepherds eat it and then burning the offal. And yes, its offal.

Did I mention that I do not like Ayn Rand?

A quote from a post:
Two new biographies of [Ayn] Rand have been released, Goddess of the Market by Jennifer Burns and Ayn Rand and the World She Made by Anne Heller. Both are ably parsed in this outstanding review by Johann Hari. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. In short, the biographers provide all of the evidence I’d ever need to support the hypothesis that Rand was Ted Bundy with a bigger vocabulary and enough self control to avoid crossing the line into serial killer territory herself.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I ain't paying for your boner any longer!

Digby makes exactly the right analogous argument against the Stupak coat hanger amendment to the House health care bill: if you won't pay for my partner's abortion, I ain't paying for your boner! So there.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My new Fave Band: Katsen

A new semi-regular feature where I link to new bands and the singles that move me.

The maiden voyage band is Katsen. 80s synth pop with heavy percussion and lots of melodic synths.

Here is a single off of their latest called Let's Build A City
And here is a cover of the Pixie's Cactus (my favorite off of Surfer Rosa, in my estimation the BEST album from Alternative music in its scope and influence). Of course, Katsen's version falls well short of The Pixies but you gotta give them an E for effort.

You can stream the album from Lala.

Obama and Veteran's Day - why I voted for him

Those more cynical then myself (and if you know me, I am pretty damn cynical), might think that Obama's campaign rhetoric of hope and change was merely trifling, false promises. But after reading this, I remember now why I voted for the man.

Obama has been criticized by Republicans for taking too long on Afghanistan and for not being duly hawkish on Iraq. But they forget that only someone who knows that the only way to honor the dead is to minimize how many soldiers die should make the decision to send others to die. And soldiers should only be sacrificed while reaching lofty goals worthy of the sacrifice in the first. Obama understands this: he bears the burden of all those soldier's death, no matter how "noble" one may thing the death is.

I myself might add: death knows no nobility. Even when done as a sacrifice, someone is still gone from the living. I am reminded of a quote from Full Metal Jacket in one of the voice overs from Joker: "The dead only know one thing. It is better to be alive." I do not think this diminishes the sacrifice. I just wonder if, even given the sacrifice, we would be better off that the author's friend, and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, might have not died as they did at all...

Thanks to TPM.


I have seen the first spamming of the comments so I am going to try measures to stop it, including captcha and moderating them. So everyone can be assured that the next time they do not comment on one of my posts, they can.

Long time, no see.

Yeah, I am still alive. Obama is still president (though not for lack of threatening). And other clever things I might say.

I am going to start an experiment of pushing people to my blog from Facebook. Heh, Ben A Ricker, super-genius.