Monday, November 16, 2009

What Gin and Tacos said

The Intertubes are filled with sites that have not had my eyeballs grace its home page. So I love it when I come across a site (a blog no less) that is interesting and funny while also being thoughtful.

Gin and Tacos is my new favorite friend. I am especially enamored with his posts on Ayn Rand whose banality and utter horseshit shoveling deserves all the epitaphs one can muster. Rand's writing makes me want to rip my cerebral cortex out and embrace the bliss of only having autonomic nervous system function. So I put Atlas Shrugged down, into a fire, after having two German Shepherds eat it and then burning the offal. And yes, its offal.

Did I mention that I do not like Ayn Rand?

A quote from a post:
Two new biographies of [Ayn] Rand have been released, Goddess of the Market by Jennifer Burns and Ayn Rand and the World She Made by Anne Heller. Both are ably parsed in this outstanding review by Johann Hari. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. In short, the biographers provide all of the evidence I’d ever need to support the hypothesis that Rand was Ted Bundy with a bigger vocabulary and enough self control to avoid crossing the line into serial killer territory herself.

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