Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obama's Baby Mama

Holy hell in a hand basket, how low CAN they go?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Communism works!

Somewhere I remember reading that one advantage a command-and-control economy has is rapid development. China is the paradigm example: they are going through an Industrial Revolution that took the US more then 100 years to do, and they are doing it in 50 odd years. Here is another example: for the Olympics, to clean up the air, the government is removing all of their cars from the road and think they can drop emissions 63% within 3 months.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Here we go again

In this article in the Atlantic, it talks about a new wave of crime that seems to be centered around Section 8 housing. Kevin Drum has a nice synopsis here.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

When will Obama Learn?

One criticism I have Obama is his seeming unwillingness to react strongly and quickly to negative (non)stories leveled against him. One further example is James Johnson who is leading Obama's Veep search. He also had long-standing and lucrative dealings with Countrywide Financial, one of the worst offenders in the mortgage crisis. I know he wants to run a "different campaign" but he cannot respond a whole news cycle late to these sorts of things.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Refutation reached

But then again, McCain can do this: if a tree lies is a forest and no one is there, do they win a Pulitzer?

McCain's dilemma

All things are uncertain when it comes to politics but I agree with Kevin Drum here that McCain really has no chance of pulling off a George Bush-style win in November:
Given all this, it's hard for me to see how he wins Ohio — the subject of Wallsten's piece. George Bush only won it by a whisker in 2004, and Obama is a much more formidable candidate than John Kerry was. Add to that GOP fatigue, fundraising woes, and the economic downturn, and then add to that lukewarm support from evangelicals for a candidate who's obviously not one of them, and it's hard to see how McCain doesn't run half a million votes or more behind Bush's numbers. Even if you cut that in half because there are some voters who just won't punch the button for the black guy, McCain is doomed. And if he doesn't win Ohio, there's no way he picks up enough votes elsewhere to make up for it.
I pretty much see it this way as well. What Drum did not mention is a few of the wild cards: the African-American and the young voter as well as overall turnout (the Democratic primary blew all attendance records away). I have to imagine there are 1 Million voters in there pulling the handle for Obama in key states (Ohio being one of them). And there are a few red states that trended Blue and were almost won for Kerry.

But we shall see.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A good question for creationists: is there a purpose to life? No.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Buy one HOUSE, get one free

Wow. How bad has the housing market gotten?

Its a big job at the top

Pharyngula, a site run by an evo-devo scientist P.Z. Meyers, is probably the largest science site on the web. He gets mucho hits. Here he goes over all the people who are in his killfile, blocking them from posting to his comments (there are usually 100s per post). He is also a rabid atheist (I mean rabid in the good sense), so he gets lots of "God's Children" clogging up the stupid meters.

Its hard work at the top.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Japanese come 5000 miles to beat it

Strange story here. A public masturbation thingie is San Francisco. Two Japanese guys went at it for approx. 20 hours and took the World's Record for longest self-flagellation.

Monday, June 02, 2008

It is with great honor...

...that I link to fellow Blogspot-ter Fafblog. How can Hilary win this election? Fafblog tells the tales:

So Barack Obama's all "I will defeat you Hillary Clinton and steal the nomination forever ha ha ha" but Hillary Clinton knocks im down with her kung-fu action punch like KA-SMMEESSSSHH! but Obama's all "now I shall reveal my TRUE IDENTITY" an he turns into this evil cyborg dude here an fires his auto-launching arm missiles like KA-PEWW, KA-PEWW an then Godzilla an the Decepticons show up but Hillary Clinton fights em off with her laser breath an her robot pony friends an it's totally awesome an that's when the dinosaurs attack.
Its so crazy, it just might work.....

Learn Japanese over the Internet

I have not actually checked out all the links here, but if one is interested in learning Japanese, it has several links to Internet resources.

Bury me now in a lone Pringle's can

Wow. This guy really likes his design achievement of the Pringle's can.

Japanese: not religious, but believers in supernatural

Interesting article on a survey related to religion and belief in the supernatural. Although 26% of Japanese consider themselves as part of a religion, 56% say they have had a supernatural experience. That number may be as high as the US number, but I cannot find a good citation. Trust me! :)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

You frog punchers get off my property!

"You can't tell how far a frog will jump until you punch him." - a quote from a recent interview Hillary Clinton gave about the state of her campaign; I think she is losing it.

Please Hillary, drop out and endorse Barack. The writing is on the wall. Do read it.


I like music. I found this store in San Francisco that has a web front. I found a couple of CDs from a local Chicago band called Angel Eye I happen to catch after a Naked Raygun Christmas show last year (I met Jeff Pizzati and watched him get hit on by my hot friends. He is the coolest, punkiest nerd I have ever seen. Pictured above). Anyway, I found a cool French band named Soggy that sounds remarkably like old Iggy and the Stooges; the lead has Iggy down! Check out the video here.

Holy Long Absences, Batman!

Look whose back. I will start posting again, for the heck of it. Looks like my last post was September 2007.

From the "We are doomed" files, here are two stories that pre-date our soon-to-come obsolescence: monkey are using electrodes in their brains to remotely control robotic arms and computers are being taught to read our minds. Soon, the monkeys will control the computers that will know what novel words we are thinking about as they beat us mercilessly with robotic, ass-kicking arms. God save us.