Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do I sound angry?

I am really angry. And it is things like this that really get me going.

Mark Thoma is an economist and one of the best out there. And the article linked to above pisses me off. Really, Obama, this is your Waterloo. It's not the stupid fucking republican assholes. Really, all of them are irrelevant in their crapulence. After 8 years of "GW", Obama turns out to not be the Democrat that was needed for the job. In fact, I cannot think of any that would be the Democrat for the job. Bunch of spineless ignorami.

And Tim Geithner, where the fuck are you? You are bought and sold, that's where. Fuck you and the golden parachute you will get when your ass is canned or Obama is run out on the rails. As Thoma remarks, this is your baby now. I hope you choke on it.

Damn. Now I am depressed. Pikers.

*DEEP SIGH* Obama, you have nary a year to wake up and smell reality. Clear the mushy, middle of the road bullshit out from between your ears and DO something.


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