Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Progressives tendency to shoot themselves in the head.

This is a great essay that speaks to the great danger that the Left's lack of cohesion can lead to its downfall, just as the Left's abandonment of Carter in the 70s led to Ronald Reagan (and you thought Bush was bad).

We on the left have bad cohesion, a horrible media presence dictated by the Republicans, and a general lack of genuine passion. Its amazing that we won anything in the last election cycles! But we can lose just as quickly, namely in the upcoming House elections.


  1. Yes, we are headed toward a repeat of 1980.

    Despite Right Wing Radio's touting of the opposite, the Democratic Party has become GOP-Lite: a kinder, gentler advocate for the rich.

  2. I will post something more substantive in a bit. ewhitlock, you raise some intriguing issues I want to expand upon.