Monday, July 31, 2006

Tool of the Day: Howard Dean

The Democrats need to focus on many things to win back any semblence of power in the government. They need to focus on how they differ from the Republicans on Iraq, foreign policy, immigration and the economy. What they DO NOT need to do is use the Rovian tool of defamation of character.

From's war room:

Dean has done a ton of good for the Democratic Party. But in a speech in West Palm Beach earlier this week, he made himself the issue again by equating Katherine Harris to Joseph Stalin. It was entirely unnecessary: Dean was speaking to a luncheon crowd of just 250; Harris is among the most marginal Republican candidates in America, trailing Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson by 37 points in the latest poll; and Dean was referring to Harris' role in the contested 2000 election, a subject that would have fired up his Democratic audience if he had discussed it in the dispassionate language of an accountant. And what did he get out of the deal? Some applause from the folks at the luncheon. And now, in addition to the stories about Harris as tantrum thrower, Harris as recipient of illegal campaign contributions, and Harris as lost cause, we'll see a news cycle full of stories about Harris as victim and Dean as loose cannon.

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