Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tim Lambert of Deltoid on Lancet II study

Tim Lambert, a computer scientist from Down Under, has a very good layperson's article on the controversy surrounding the two "Lancet studies" with the conclusion that there is a high probability that there have been 650k+ excess deaths (deaths by violence, both US military and due to the escalating civil war) in Iraq since the occupation began 3 years ago.

Note that the first study, for the first 18 months after the occupation began, estimated 90k+ excess deaths and the latest study, which was highly corroborative of the first, stretched that number out until June (if I remember correctly) and came up with the 650k number.

For more in-depth information, including lots of thoughtful responses to the ridiculous objections to the Lancet studies by Tim, go here. Now lose a day immersed in how science is obfuscated by innumerates.

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