Monday, May 29, 2006

The Internet: What a waste

There has been much speculation on what drives, and has driven, the growth of the Internet. I have a theory: people like to wase time. Me? Sure do. I will start a series of posts with my favorite "waste about 2 days of your life" sites.

Youtube: Videos with a mimetic flare. You can spend about 12 days clicking through the favorites. Some standouts here and here.

Also, one of my favorite Queen songs. There is something so weird about it. At Youtube, there are 312 lip sync versions of the song. Not sure if that is good or not...but it does back up my theory.

Here is the description a video of a Japanese female punk band (in name only):
someone said Sasebo and harajuku
I am seeking the orchestra name, other people please do not have to give me trash electricity postal, thanks. I want to know this orchestra is called any name ?

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