Saturday, May 20, 2006

Who the hell is Wholeflaffer?

Art Wholeflaffer is a character from one of the most prolific avant garde comedy troupes to ever grace this universe, the Firesign Theater. They crafted aural landscapes that have not been duplicated. I would say that they surpassed the "Golden Age of Radio" serials by adding top-notch sound effects you have to hear to believe. Art appeared on the album Everything you know is wrong, one of their best and his raison d'etre was being the manager of a Nudist Trailer Park in Heater County, CA.

I am not sure why Art Wholeflaffer is my alter ego. Maybe I just like the sound of the word 'wholeflaffer'. Either way, it has been my virtual persona as long as I have been cruising the environs of the Internet since 1995. It is the name I hang all of my identity on when interacting in cyberspace.

About this blog: sometime futile, narcissistic endeavors are worth doing. My main interests in life is philosophy (I am working on my Masters), politics, technology, and Japan, So expect posts about that sort of stuff. Don't take it too seriously; I won't. However, I will use it as a way to work out thoughts and to simplify complexities, mainly dealing with academic philosophy. I have always found that if I cannot explain something to somoene with no philosophical background, I cannot presume to say I know it well.

So, without further adieu, we begin.

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