Friday, June 09, 2006

Death of a great Japanese Director

SHOHEI IMAMURA -- 1926 to 2006

Imamura-san directed one of the top 5 movies I have ever seen: Unagi (The Eel). There was tragedy and redemption told in a style that was poignant and hilarious. It was the story of a guy who murders his wife after catching her cheating. He walks into the police station, drenched in her blood, to turn himself in. The story continues after he gets out of prison and rebuilds his life. An American could not make this film due to the hysteria surrounding murder and its reification. Anyway, you can get the English version here.

He also worked with Yasujiro Ozu, considered to be the greatest Japanese director along side Kurosawa Akira.

A eulogy can be found here.

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