Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Brits and BoBo

After hearing about the arrests of actual terrorists that seemed to really be prepared to do some serious damage, my mind wonders to what the FBI has done. They have the ability to break up some nuts in Miami that had the logistical ability to blow their nose and nothing else. How can anyone not laugh when KoKo the president says that we are more safe under his and his party's leadership.

This really makes me wonder how much our country is WORSE off than before 9.11. Our foreign ploicy has done nothing but ferment an already sizeable enemy's hatred of us and given them a rallying point (Iraq) and a place to hone their terrorists skills (again Iraq).

I imagine that it will take no less than a generation to ease the hatred toward the U.S. I look forward to how the historians will look back on this administration. My bet is that is will be one of the worst in history.

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