Monday, August 14, 2006

Remember the second attack after 9/11?

Many have forgotten about this: Tom Daschle and several people at NBC news were mailed letters containing anthrax. What has Bush's Justice Department done to capture the individual(s) responsible? The next time someone tells you that Bush is winning the war on terror, ask them about the anthrax (and Osama Bin remember him too, don't ya?)

Btw, notice the panel they have: the Surgeon General David Satcher (Bush appointee) and Bill Frist (whackjob "doctor" who "diagnoses" Terry Schiavo's mental capacities via video tape). Fair and Balanced, indeed. Shame on Public TV, especially given the Republican's attempts to close it down.

And its been 1764 days since it the anthrax letters.

Thanks to AMERICAblog for the reminder.

Really, if you voted for Dubya, how DO you sleep at night?

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