Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The state of me

I am in a sort of philosophical mood since I am soon to be a father. I am wondering what kind of world am I going to bring my son into? The country that I once respected when I was a kid (probably from drinking the cool-aid served at my catholic grade school) is no more.

The moral high ground is no more. My government seems to care more about death and torture and limiting the liberties that our fore-fathers fought for. What can I do to make a difference? How can I change the course of this country?

Well, I think I can raise my son to believe in what I think is right and just. I think that the right in this counrty is manufacturing a generation that is set to completley fuck this country in a way that BoBo could never dream of. How the hell do you stop that? By having the same generation with a counter philosophy. And my boy will hopefully be just that.

Now I am not setting my boy up to hate me becasue I will not let him live his life, but I will talk to him about tolerance, personal freedoms and the right for ALL humans to have them. Not just who our government thinks deserves, or the so called religious zealots think should have them. ALL SHOULD HAVE THE SAME BACIC RIGHTS. DUE PROCESS, HABEUS CORPUS, FREEDOM FROM TORTURE, LEGAL REPRESENTATION. These are not words to be thrown around during an election, but a living, breathing reality that should exist. Let him hopefully see my world belief as one he would like to adopt.

More later, work calls.

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  1. Interesting.

    One must understand, though, that teaching is best absorbed when provided by example rather than words.