Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why I like politics

I have always been fascinated by human beings. Such clever monkeys. Nothing shows the yin/yang of humanity more then politics. The machinery of politics can soar to heights of good works (Social Security and FDRs New Deal come to mind) and take the express elevator straight to hell (The Foley IM scandal is the most recent example). For some reason, I find either side as fascinating as the other. We are our vices as well as our virtues.

Speaking of vices, let's get back to the Foley scandal. Basically, Florida congressman Foley has been exhibiting the behavior of a stalker of young, high-school age Congress pages. The story just broke, so there is a certain bit of vagueness on how many occasions and how many pages Foley sent rather racy IM messages and email to. There has even been the insinuation that OTHER congressman might have been involved in other, similar incidents but the evidence has not been brought forth (except for Foley).

What will be interesting is to watch the unfolding of the scandal because it has been alleged that the top Republican leadership knew of Foley's behavior as early as 2001 and chose to ignore it (some of the incidents documented happened in 2003, well after they knew there was a "problem"). It seems that the Republican leadership, in one of the biggest political blunders EVER, decided that the Republican butt in the Florida seat was more important then Foley preying on boys.

Some places to read about it: Talking Points Memo and Daily Kos are following the unfolding scandal.

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