Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tool of the Day: Ten lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag

Rush is just a despicable human being. Is there nothing that these human excrements will not do? To accuse someone suffering a horrible disease as "acting" smacks of ignorance and lack of empathy for another human being.

For the sake of this country, if I see Rush I will have to cave in his larynx.


  1. I assume you refer to the comments he made about Mike Fox? Here's the sticky point about that to me, Fox interjects himself into the political sphere in order to accomplich a goal he believes will benefit himself and others, and then when someone (however wrongheadedly) criticizes his view on the matter he is permitted to hide behind his illness. That looks disingenuous to me. Either he shoudl welcome criticism of his views, or he should stay out of politics. Suffering does not exempt one from having to defend one's views rationally.

    that said, Rush's charaterization of Fox's disease from what I have seen was shameful and he should apologize, if he has not.

  2. I disagree that Mike is not open to criticism; he has been forceful in what he sees as the potential to save the suffering of many people, including himself. And he has responded to the more, shall we say, charitable objections, such as those who believe the characterization of the potential of stem cells is somehow overblown.

    As you might guess, there are substantive moral objections to stem cell research. It is obvious which side Fox falls on and he has made his position clear: it is boilerplate means/end reasoning. I do agree with him that the potential for moral abuse, if there is any, of stem cells is far outweighed by the benefits that the Medical community sees in the potential therapies.

    In short: I think Fox has been very up front about his injection into the political arena and has not discharged his duty to take the heat. The "heat" from Rush is despicable and deserved Fox's forceful rejection. I do not see him hiding behind his illness; I am not sure how you think he is.